Warehousing and Logistics Company Wrexham

Providing high quality industrial warehousing, transport and logistics solutions for over 40 years.

We are committed & professional

For over 40 years, F Lloyd (Penley) LTD Warehousing and Logistics Company, has been a trusted partner in providing high quality industrial warehousing, transport services and logistics solutions. Our experience in the industry ranks us as one of the largest and most successful warehousing and transport providers in Wrexham. We pride ourselves in supplying premier Warehousing, Transport & Logistics services in Wrexham. Our proven expertise makes us a trusted partner, delivering the highest quality industrial warehousing, transport services, and logistics solutions. Count on us for secure and reliable services tailored to meet the demands of modern storage and distribution.

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Our core services

  • Warehousing and Logistics Company Wrexham Ambient
  • Storage and Labour Wrexham Storage
    & labour
  • Container Storage Company Wrexham Container
  • Logistics Company Wrexham Logistic

We are reliable & responsible:

F Lloyd (Penley) Ltd Warehousing and Logistics Company in Wrexham, is committed to delivering a seamless experience whatever your business demands are. We are fully equipped to meet the modern day demands of storage and distribution and offer a secure and reliable service.